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Perth Myanmar Learning Centre is one of the Burmese learning centre in Perth, Western Australia.

Student Code of Conduct


Perth Myanmar Learning Centre Community School is committed to ensuring a respectful learning environment that is safe, positive and supportive for all students of the School.

It is the intention of Perth Myanmar Learning Centre Community School to provide clear guidelines to all students regarding the conduct expected of them whilst at School, engaging in School related activities or representing the School. Students are expected to uphold the School’s core values at all times.


This Code applies to all Perth Myanmar Learning Centre Community School students (the students).  The application of this Code is not limited to the School site and School hours.  It extends to all activities and events that are school-related and when representing or acting on behalf of the School. The Code also requires that student actions do not bring the School into disrepute at any time regardless of whether the action occurs within or outside of School activities.

Definition of a ‘Student’

For the purposes of this policy, a ‘Student’ of Perth Myanmar Learning Centre Community School shall be considered to be a current student of Perth Myanmar Learning Centre Community School until they withdraw from the School and are no longer enrolled.

Conduct and Bearing of All Students

We have developed a set of school expectations. Our SCARF expectations aim to:

  • establish a caring and safe environment for each student and staff member
  • assist students to take responsibility for the choices they make in their lives
  • help students accept the consequences of inappropriate choices
  • implement a consistent approach to helping students develop self-awareness and awareness of others

Perth Myanmar Learning Centre’s (SCARF) expectations are:


  • I keep my hands to myself
  • I stay inside the boundaries
  • I play safe games
  • I stay away from dangerous situations


  • I help other in a team
  • I pull my weight when working with others
  • I follow teachers’ instructions so that I can learn
  • I listen to others


  • I accept people for who they are
  • I welcome new children
  • I take responsibility when I do the wrong thing
  • I play by the rules


  • I show respect by allowing other to work and learn
  • I respect other people’s appearances and beliefs
  • I look after people’s property
  • I car for the environment


  • I smile at others
  • I am honest with others
  • I share with others
  • I invite people to play


It is expected that all students will report any cases to a teacher or senior staff member (in confidence) of unlawful behaviour or behaviour in breach of this conduct which may have been observed or reported to them.


Students who breach the Code of Conduct may be sanctioned by the observing teacher, House Tutor or Head of House as deemed appropriate given the nature of breach and the age of the student.

Students who continue to breach the Code will be interviewed by the applicable Head of School. Appropriate action, which may include behavioural contracts, detention, mediation or suspension, is at the discretion of the Head of School.  

The Head of School may refer the matter to the Headmaster, who has full discretion to take action including expulsion as deemed appropriate. 

In accordance with applicable legislation and the School’s Child Protection Policy, the Police and/or Department of Human and Health Services will be informed of any unlawful breaches of this Code.

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What People Say

It is the best opportunity for the kids to learn Burmese Language.

They do have adult class.

Doesn’t matter if you can’t speak or write Burmese, just enrol to learn Burmese language.

Let’s build something together.

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